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October 9, 2017

My Favorite Coat selection including MaxMara | Matchesfashion 10% off code

Readers of Rekaystyle! Have you done your coat shopping yet?
Since the weather suddenly got colder, all I see in my eyes are coats! Beautiful ones are already quickly going out of stock and I was getting a bit tense that I should get one before it was too late. There is a 10% discount promotion on Matchesfashion. So I decided to get one!
I uploaded two mobile screenshots. The one on the left is the main screen of Matches that has recently launched a Korean website. On the top, it says 10% off for purchasing by App and you can also see the promotion code App 10. 
>> Download the Matchesfashioin application and insert the code and boom! There’s your discount. It is a promotion that you should not miss. Especially for buying items like winter coats that are a bit pricey.

On the right is the order page that I got my Maxmara coat. From the original price of 1,025 pounds, I used the 10% discount code to get 102.5 pound discount. 

The 10% discount code on Matchesfashion app is App10 till October 15th.

I think I scrolled through Matchesfashion a lot during the thanksgiving break. I have shopped my heart out in a very long time. I wondered to myself if I should even wonder this much to get a simple coat. But as my mom always says, get a good one even though you’re getting just one. I got a classic design coat telling myself that I should wear this for a life time.

SaintLaurent and Loewe Coats are all beauties but coats are Maxmara[HERE]. I always wanted a Maxmara coat and I saw that there are so many beautiful coats in stock at Matches!!

They were all so beautiful but the final Maxmara coat that Rekay chose was the black colored Pavone coat. (It is number two in the list below.) The soft cashmere material with the classic design and feminine yet chic waist strap! The product that fulfills all the basic conditions of a simple and luxurious coat!

I am sharing other coat items that I love and put into my shopping cart while shopping. These are all classic coats that are timeless and can be worn for a life time. Don’t spend money on fancy and trendy season coats but rather invest in the basics. 
>> Use the 10% discount Coad (App10) on the Matchesfashion application for happy shopping!


1[HERE] / 2[HERE] / 3[HERE] / 4[HERE]5[HERE] / 6[HERE] / 7[HERE] / 8[HERE]

Maxmara coat number two is the one that Rekay bought. It is the most basic yet beautiful with a strap on the waist. It does not make you look puffy but rather wraps your body line for a feminine and stylish look. Open it up or for colder days, tie it up in a chic manner.


1[HERE] / 2[HERE] / 3[HERE] / 4[HERE]

Fit it up a bit or loosen it up! These are the tailored fit coat. You can style in a neat and dressy feeling.


1[HERE] / 2[HERE] / 3[HERE] / 4[HERE]5[HERE] / 6[HERE] / 7[HERE] / 8[HERE]

Double breat coats of casual style. These are the most beautiful coats when matched with denim and is the basic daily coat design. Subtle check patterns or peacoat length is a bright and ative look. The maxi length can also make you look mannish and chic.