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October 10, 2017

How to style your Summer Dress in Autumn | ZARA Knit Layering

Hello all! How are your thanksgiving break going? Rekay wondered how she should spend this ever long break. However, it was my birthday a few days ago.
I went to a short trip to Ganglleung for my birthday, ate some great food, and went through all the drama that I missed out! I am having a busy yet fun vacation.

Last night, I checked into a friend’s house. I wondered what I should wear and selected a layered dress look that I enjoy. On the slip dress that I wore all summer, I added a chunky knit top to complete a cozy and stylish fall dress look. When seasons change and you are not share about what to wear, I think this is pretty much the basic layering. With a bit of accessories, you can just brighten up the atmosphere of the season.

Loose fit sweater I got on sale at Zara.

It is such a soft chenille texture knit that is soft like a teddy bear. Since it is a ray fit, it is difficult to wear inside a coat but in fall weather like nowadays, wearing this on its own is a beauty. The price was around $20 so it was no big deal. Zara sales are the bomb!
Even though it is small size, the fit is pretty great. The color was in about three shades along with pink and green but Rekay chose black.

It is the perfect fit to coordinate on top of a summer midi dress like Rekay. It is not too long nor to short. It is the perfect knit top. The lip neckline drops ever so lightly beyond the shoulder line. The dressy component is there. If you have not put in your summer dresses yet, layer them with your fall knitwear for another season.

Sky blue fur bag that I picked up in line for the cashier.
Fake fur products are hot this season. The cute size and sky blue fur! I bought it as a mood changer but I think it was a great deal. It is perfect as a fall/winter accessory.

It has a very soft fur quality that makes you wonder if this is even fake. The simple half moon design and the detachable chain strap. Wear it cutely as a cross or in a chic way as a clutch. It was around $20 so no big burden. Get one of these and you can use it as a key accessory for the dark and boring F/W.
> There was a dusty pink color but it looks too much like a toy and princess.

Oversize earrings that make your face look small!

These are also a hot accessory trend nowadays. Bold decorations or long earrings that come to the shoulders are popular. I have not worn earrings in a long time but wearing them nowadays, it feels very different. It feels more feminine and dressed up! I always wonder between chokers and earrings. Wearing fall clothes that come up to the neck, I am drawn to earrings.


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