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November 27, 2017

Loewe 18 SS Collection_ After Party in Seoul_ LPA Fur Jacket

Last 14 th of November! Rekay also stopped by the 18 S/S collection presentation after party at Layer 57, Sungsoodong! The head of Loewe Jonathan Anderson along with many celebrities such as Soyoung Ko, Sulli, Irene, and Nayoung Kim. It made the party more special.

Rekay also got a great shot with stylist Yoonki Jung! Isn’t the unique design of the Loewe coat amazing? It is the combination of a trench coat and a cape. His addition of the petit stripe scarf is also a killer.
What I was wearing: 
LPA Fake Fur Jacket[here] / MSGM Velvet Pants[here] / 
Gucci Velvet Marmont[here] / Dotted Shirt [LOEWE] [similar] / Raye Mesa Booties [here]

The main mood of this Loewe 18 S/S collection is a traveler of Bohemian vibes. The vintage and natural colors with deep earthy tones were a great highlight. 

And along with the mood of the collection, the outfit that Rekay chose is the eco fur jacket of LPA. It is as soft as real fur and quite abundant. I matched a dotted pattern blouse for a feminine and vintage 80s look.

The collection with the charm of freeness and mix of materials and combination of silhouette.
In addition, a new type of editing and detail beyond expectations caught my eyes. The vibes of a young and punky English designer was added to the traditional elegant and classic look of Loewe to produce this modern and innovative collection.

The sharp sneakers inspired by Morocco brought out awe about how new and stylish it was.

You can never pass out on the great, Loewe bag! Loewe hammock bag, puzzle bags are also items on Rekay’s wishlist. I was hoping to get it on the Matches private sale last time but it was out of stock in the blink of an eye! 

I noticed that it shined even brighter at the Loewe party. You are seeing the beautiful hammock bag ladies and gentlemen.
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You can definitely feel a brighter and casual mood with the Loewe lettering and logo on the front of the collection. Upon the casual material, the addition of dressy silhouette and intricate details create a unique lux casual look. 

Especially as they are known for their leather, the leather trimming details here and there is something to die for.

LPA JACKET 413 [here] @ FWRD

Fur jackets are hot this season! There are many luxurious fake fur designs that are as great as real fur. The prices of fake fur and eco fur products are also very nice and another great point is that they are easy to wear casually and trendily.

Depending on the event, dress up for a party look or wear it as a natural daily look with denim and a t-shirt. The LPA fur jacket Rekay wore is a peachy beige color. It is a casual design with a simple basic collar body and zipper. After I got it, I had to question and check a few times because of the great fur quality.

What I was wearing: 
LPA Fur Jacket[here]
MSGM Velvet Pants[here]
Gucci Velvet Marmont Bag[here]
Dotted Shirts [here]
Raye Mesa Booties [here]