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December 3, 2017

ZARA Winter Coat Dailylook with Raye Booties

Today, I am going to show you a style put together with a mustang coat I got from Zara.
What grabs our attention more than anything is the vivid colored muffler. It can be styled easily as a point accessory by anyone.
Especially on winter outers that can be heavy and boring, a single muffler can add bright energy like a spring day. It is Rekay’s daily must have accessory of all time.
I matched mustang, denim jean, and inner in a dark monotone along with a neutral tone bag, the whole look completed with a muffler of lively colors and patterns. I will introduce you a bright, springy winter coat look.

Aren’t there so many beautiful outers at Zara? Honestly, I hesitated buying coats from Zara in the past because the completion and material didn’t seem to be of best quality. However!!! Nowadays, it has changed a lot. Of course the design itself is trendy and up to date, but the quality is also perfection. (However, the prices have increased as well.)

This mustang coat that Rekay selected is so beautiful and luxurious as if it is real. The outer part of suede material with soft mustang fur interior, this coat is designed with the basic yet chic color combination of deep navy and black. The leather trimmings are also a beautiful point.

It is as warm as real fur and much lighter and casual than real fur. It is a coat that you can reach out to easily. Rekay bought this coat in September/October and finally started to wear this.

Modern and cosmo Jamiewander New York bag, also known as the tambourine bag.
I wonder what I would have done if I didn’t have this bag this season. I find myself reaching out to this bag at least 2-3 times a week. 

The round shape is unique and the metal decoration that you can insert in your wrist is also a beauty.

Since there are a variety of colors, you can choose according to your taste. Rekay wondered between red and beige but since it is the holiday season, I am wondering if I should get the red one along with the new white fur…

 When you take the muffler off, it is a pretty simple look that you could view as a single tone, right? 

With a basic t-shirt and washed boots cut denim, nothing special. The two tone
mustang coat is the only detail. Without the muffler, I think I would have taken the black bag with the metal decoration instead of the beige bag. 

It would have made a more minimal look with a neat tone on tone feeling. In addition, you could have livened the point by wearing another layer of white shirt.

This is Rekay’s official bootie from Revolve last month. I am wearing this very often. I always loved the brand Raye but after this Mesa booty, I am again a great fan.

The design is perfect but above all, it is so comfortable. People that have strayed away from high heels can try these on easily. It is stable with a soft ankle line, which makes me feel like that I have met my soulmate. 

It is made with suede leather that has no problem of being scratched and with the zipper detail, your leg line can look longer and slimmer.


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