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December 13, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift idea for her | Party Earring Shopping List

Fancier! Bigger! Longer! And the Unexpected! Now is the time to get your powerful earrings on ladies. The hottest accessories of the season are undoubtedly earrings! These earrings obviously double up your beauty and now they are bound to double up your style!

First of all, you would notice the larger size. Of course petit and small sizes are still our daily go to earrings but the kind of earrings that you have to get your hands on this season are larger earrings so large that they may cover your face or drop earrings that might touch your shoulders as they drop effortlessly or hoop earrings with full on 90s vibes or fancy earrings of Victorian mood. Or just get a pair of earrings that is a full combination of all of these details!

Rekay is also never missing out on earrings nowadays. At first, you may think that these are too big but as soon as you put them on, they are quite a showstopper. Probably also the power of trend. Just as if you cannot miss out on a pair of sunglasses in the summer, you can never pass out on a pair of earrings nowadays.

For the upcoming party season, I am sharing Rekay’s earring wishlist.
Since most websites are on sale, it would be great to get your hands on luxury earrings around $100. It is also perfect for your holiday present. I also added some earrings from TopShop, Rekay’s all time fave brand.

1. TOPSHOP [here] / 2. TOPSHOP [here] / 3. Saint Laurent [here]
4. OSCAR DE LA RENTA[here] / 5.TOPSHOP [here] / 6. SYLVIA TOLEDANO [here]
7. ELLERY [here] / 8. OSCAR DE LA RENTA [here] / 9. TOPSHOP [here]
10. MiuMiu [here] / 11. Isable Marant [here] / 12. TOPSHOP [here]

>>Tips for Styling Oversize Earrings
If you are hesitant due to the size, wear a larger size on one side and just a basic sized earring from your daily outfit on the other side for an unbalance style. Simply match the color and material and you will find that it is much better than simply putting together two random earrings or wearing just a single pair. It is also great buy two pairs with your friend and split amongst yourselves.


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