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December 11, 2017

TOPSHOP Cable Knit top & Kitten heel boots | Winter Dailylook

Rekay’s favorite type of casual and elegant daily look! I mainly pursue a simple and classic daily item, which is also trendy and luxurious at the same time. Sometimes I like to go overboard with fancy and swag-ful street looks, but there are not suitable for daily purposes.

 Today’s daily look is the basic winter coordination of a TOPSHOP cable knit top and slacks. With a trendy check jacket and kitten heel enamelboots, a simple and casual edgy style is completed. This is one of my favorite styles recently!

Recently, I stopped by the brand edit ship at Garosugil, Seoul, Deep Bleu and stopped by the ETC Seoul shop right next to it to get this glen check jacket. (The Deep Bleu shop is located shop in shop in ETC)

It is the first time I encountered the brand Clut Studio but the name of the brand is not important. I went bonkers for this amazing design and got this in a single breath. It is the most basic jacket with check patterns and colors. It is designed slightly overfit like the recent trends and the shoulder pads on top adds a retro mood to the check jacket.

Lastly, the main point of the jacket is the frill details on the sleeves. It is a wit and feminine point on the mannish check jacket. Some people may ask, why frills? But Rekay got this for the frills. It is a point with designer atmosphere.

Black boots from TOPSHOP![here]

These are a pair of enamel boots that slightly cover the ankles but the sharp toe line makes it look stylish. (For people with large feet, your feet may look larger than they really are.) Above all, the shiny enamel material and retro kitten heel design is the point.

Your styles are easily toned down in the winter but using some beautiful shoes or accessories can help complete a fun look in an easy way. A must have in Rekay’s recent style is shoes with a point and bold earrings.

>>Rekay never miss TopShop shoes whenever shopping at Topshop.
The leather is of great quality, trendy design, and it is often cheaper compared to Zara. I always wanted some chic London vibe shoes.

This beautiful cream cable knit, [here]
also known as the braided knit top from Topshop! I found a beautiful and stylish cable knit!

Although it seems simple, look closely and you will see that the braid cable knitting is quite a combination. Along the unseen cutting line, the unbalanced end line is the main point!

Since winter knits are quite thick, we often style hiding the waistline. Then, we inevitably look puffy but since one side is shorter than the other, you don’t need to tuck in your knit into pants or skirts. Leaving it alone creates a natural and stylish look along the waistline. I simply put on a knit but it seems special! Oh Topshop and your amazing designs…

What I was wearing:

CLUT STUDIO Glen Check Jacket [HERE]
TOPSHOP Cable Knit Top[HERE]
TOPSHOP Kitten heel boots [here]
Stylenanda Slacks
Marc Jacobs Camera Bag [similar on sale]
GUCCI Sunglass [similar on sale]

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