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December 22, 2017

Airport Outfit & Carry-on Essentials Travel Vlog

In today’s video, I prepared a travel vlog of my trip to Dallas!! [HERE]
Look forward to a fun vlog at a blogger conference with the top influencers around the world. Make sure you don’t miss out on Rekay’s travel essentials!

 Rekay’s airplane essentials.

1. First of all, comfortable and stylish slippers or bloafers! [shop here]
They are not stuffy on long trips and also produce an amazing travel look.

2. And also a neck pillow: This is probably everyone’s travel item. Rekay is using Doctor Philo C-guard. This was made by a neurosurgeon to fit the body perfectly. It is a great cushion and fits to your body. [shop here]

3. The third is a USB cable. First switch to flight mode and charge fully before landing. You can even use your phone, rechargeable battery, iPad, and humidifier.

4. A water bottle! In the dry plane, it is important to keep yourself hydrated! Ask your flight attendant to fill up your water bottle instead of a cup to drink more.

5. In addition, Rekay’s beauty item! 
First of all, a sheet mask. It is a must for long plane rides.
With a rich face oil[here], it balances your skin. In addition, dab some eye cream all over your face. 
Slide some lip balm on and these are individual packaged lotion of Son and Park perfect for travelling. 
A tiny package of powder cleanser(SUISAI Kanebo) instead of a heavy cleanser. It is easy to take around and can cleanly wash your face even with just one.

Make sure to look forward to Rekay’s 2nd Dallas travel vlog and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel! [here]