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December 25, 2017

Holiday Outfit idea: Off shoulder Knit top & White booties

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all have a merry, happy, and lovely Christmas as I post Rekay’s Merry Christmas party look! Last Wednesday, I stopped by the 2017 Holiday season party hosted at Hermes. It was a more luxurious and fancy party than that of Gatsby’s. I will introduce Rekay’s all black off shoulder party look as well.

I also prepared a video that has the complete lively mood of the party. Make sure to check it out! [here]


When we think of party looks, we would easily think of bling bling or vivid red colors but Rekay chose a simple and chic all black pants look. It is a basic black look but with the addition of point details and accessories of party vibes, I put together an eye catching black party look.

First of all, the main point of the look is this off shoulder knit top!
Off shoulder in the winter is very special. As you show off your bare should line, it is a more feminine and dressy fancy look than ever. The knit off shoulder from LPA is a simple, straight lined off shoulder line, which itself is a very modern design without any details. Since it is off merino wool that is soft like silk, it is a warm yet luxurious knit top.

A choker makes your off shoulders shine. I added a showy black choker with jewel details.

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GROW ON Earring | RINGPOCKET [here]

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Rekay’s Ringpocket Cross earrings shine in the Hermes Party video!

It is a very special item that Rekay got for this party. As if it has absorbed all the light, these are some amazing earrings with great sparkle. Along with the classic feel from the cross motif, it is a clean, fancy, luxurious product.

It is a design from a global jewel brand, Ringpocket from Korea. It is also the pair of earrings that have decorated SNSD Yoona’sVogue cover. Along with a unique design and quality like no other luxurious brands, it is definitely one of Rekay’s loved brands.

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Glamorous fur is a must have in any holiday party!
I added a very beautiful Jalouse fox fur muffler along with Hyeyoung Ryu, the manager of Jalouse. A thick fur jacket indoors is a no-no, but instead drape a fur muffler then you can easily add a showy aspect with the fur.

Drape it over your shoulders or over your arms to drop it effortlessly. A long fur muffler has an untouchable pose to it so you can slightly drape it over your collar or even tie it as a short petit fur muffler for a cute point.

WHITE BOOTS | RAYE [here] & [here]

I must say, the global trend nowadays, white boots! I wondered how I would wear these white boots in the winter but I have to say these are a beauty. Since there was great snow in Seoul a few days ago, I had to tuck these away but thankfully on the day of the party, the weather was perfect! I brought these babies out.

The match of contrasting white shoes upon an all black look! I never wore white boots before but it also went well with any look. I’ve definitely upgraded my style by another notch. These boots were the envy of Jalouse’s manager throughout the night.
I will bring a match with light denim jeans for a different look real soon!


LPA off shoulder knit top  [here]
FINDERS KEEPERS bootcut pants
RAYE white booties [here]
JALOUSE fur muffler [here]
CHLOE belt bag [here]
RINGPOCKET grow on cross earrings [here]