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January 29, 2018

Seoul Tour Hotplace | Korea’s skyscraper, the Lotte World Tower, Seoul Sky Observatory!

One of my 2018 resolutions was to check in at Korea’s skyscraper, the Lotte World Tower, Seoul Sky Observatory! It may seem to be a bit out of context but I thought to myself that I did not seem to enjoy Seoul despite the fact that I am living in the city.
Simply watching TV shows by foreigners in Korea, the natural and normal daily things in life seem to be amazing and unique to others.

Thus, my goal for year 2018 is to enjoy places in Seoul and experience things that you can only do in Seoul. The first was Seoul sky! The view of Seoul from the 123rd floor is gorgeous!

Seoul girl, Rekay’s daily look.
I chose a simple and urban look that is always Rekay’s favorite. Upon a black and white monotone look, a strong red beret hat, cat eye sunglasses, and voluminous wool shearing jacket created this beautiful look.

An all-black style is something Rekay loves and wears often. I like the neatness and luxuriousness from the color black and matching the top and bottom with black makes you look formal and modern.

However, there is the danger of looking too dark and stuffy. In times like this, you need a point to catch your eye! Rekay added the color white as a point! Upon a black knit top, white lettering and the white booty peeking out at the edge of your feet tones it all up!

Above all, you could also add some sparkly accessories upon all black. A gold necklace or dressy items like long drop earrings can create a non-boring all black look! 

As you may have expected, all this fine dust…
I had high expectations but the view of Seoul out the window is so dark. I feel myself gasp. No matter how much I tried to photoshop, this is my best. Was it too much to ask for a blue sky and sparkling Han River?

Even the scary transparent glass floor didn’t seem to scare me. I promised myself to come back on a better day.

Lingua Franca | Cashmere Knit Top [here]

Lingua Franca’s knit top that I introduced to you in Rekay’s last haul video! (If you haven’t watched it yet,  click now!)

It is a present from net-a-porter last Christmas. It is a very luxurious basic knit top made of 100% cashmere. The handmade embroidery is especially famous. The witty lettering adds fun to wearing it.
It is great to wear on a daily basis since it is a basic knit and easy to tuck into your pants like a shirt. It is perfect as a warm winter inner.

Since it is cashmere, it is on the pricy side. However, it is a basic item that you can wear regardless of trends or seasons. It would be a worthy investment.
>>I also want this burgundy v-neck knit top.[here]

Le Specs | Last Lolita [here]

Among all the fuss over this baby not in stock, I got these luckily- Le Specs Last Lolita Sunglasses.
I actually got requests from people to sell it to them secondhanded.

This summer I expect more random and strong sunglass designs to be the trend. Thin skinny lenses or retro oval lenses and various tinted color lenses with fabulous decorations would be coming this season! You would be able to enjoy a variety of sunglass designs than ever before!

I got sunglasses from hot Australian brand, Poppy Lissiman. [here
I ordered a pair that will make my 2018 S/S fancy and popping[here]! I will post once it arrives.

Rekay’s beret that I introduced also in the haul video. Since berets are so popular, I got a red one along with a black one.

The addition of a single beret changes the overall mood, which shows me how strong of an impact that color red has. It is great as a mood changing accessory with elegant French vibes. I’m going to match it with my camel coat next time. 

COS | Wide Pants [ here, New one here]

Wide pants are from COS. It is a design where you tie the strap for a paper bag high waist look. With wide legs and high waist, your legs look extra longer and skinnier.

I normally cannot find clothes that match me at Cos but products that have been tailored are beauties. Pants items require good fit and material and Cos seemed to have some nice ones. I am keeping my eyes open for them.

Tourist tips for Lotte Mall Seoul Sky!

>Getting there early as possible: Since it a tourist spot of Seoul, there are so many people. Beyond foreign tourists, there are also many groups. Rekay arrived at around 10:30 AM on Sunday but in 30 minutes, the whole place crowded with people. Since the open of Seoul Sky is 9:30 in the morning, it would be best to go at the time they open.

>Online ticketing: Rekay just got her tickets at the spot however buying your tickets before hand online gives you a 20% discount and saves time because you can get your tickets right at the spot. I spent around 20 minute simply waiting in line. In addition, there is a limit to the number of people entering at once so you may not be able to enter at your preferred time. I recommend online ticketing.

>You can move around different floors of the observatory but cannot re-enter. (I think this is why people stay around for longer.)

>If there are so many people that it is impossible to take a picture, use the service that takes a photo of you and the character. Although you have to pay to print, if your friend takes a photo of you with their camera, you can get a nice photo without paying or printing!

What I was wearing:

LINGUA FRANCA Cashmere Knit top [here]
 COS WIde Trouser [here, & here]
RAYE White booties [here]
Le Specs Last Lolita Sungalss [here]