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January 15, 2018

H&M Faux Fur Coat and Velvet Hoodie Dress

 Isn’t the weather so cold nowadays? 
Rekay is definitely going through difficulties with the extreme cold weather conditions from last weekend. As it is the new year, I am already getting sick of my winter clothes but the cold weather that bites my skin leaves me with no choice but for thick, thermal outers. But I can’t be wearing long padding all the time… I am absolutely out of clothes to wear.
However! I stopped by H&M recently and found a fancy leopard fake fur coat. It was also on 70% sale! Oh my God! I could not believe that it was fake fur from the soft fur quality and the beautiful brown leopard pattern. It looked similar to the MSGM fur coat[here], which surprised me a lot.

Red Marni cross sculpture bag and red tassel earrings.
The fancy leopard pattern and the color red go perfectly together! The leopard pattern may be too much but the red color rounds it all up. It also is a feminine and young color point.

A basic red bag is a must item that you all must have! The Marni sculpture bag is no longer on sale so I suggest these as similar alternatives.

The bright red tassel earrings are also from H&M. The ethnic and dressy drop earring design goes well regardless of season as a great point. It would go along well with a white t-shirt as well!

Since the leopard pattern may look a bit old, I contrasted my inner wear with a casual hood dress. I wore black stockings in a very long time. Although it is a basic hood design, the long design like a dress and velvet material is quite trendy. This is also what I got at the Zara sale.

The hood design is quite interesting with a deeply cut neck line. Wearing this on its own would be pretty sexy but I wouldn’t want to be wearing this on its own in this weather. I layered a basic turtle neck t-shirt inside. It is warm and feminine with the velvet material.

Raye white boots.[here]
I am again into these white boots. Peculiarly, white boots seem to go well with any outfit.
At first I thought these would be too showy but matching them on an ordinary daily look lightens up the whole tone and looks trendy. Above all, the color white matches well with any other color!

When matched with denim or wide pants, these seem minimal. But when matched with a dress like today, it has a classic feminine vibe. I think these will be worn everyday till spring!

What I was wearing:

H&M Faux fur coat [MSGM here
ZARA Velvet Hoodie dress
Raye White booties [here]
Marni Scuplture Bag
H&M Tassel Earring