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April 4, 2018

2018 Spring Trend | How to wear Polka Dots?

Polka dots! 
I wonder why these keep catching my eye nowadays. 
They are rising as the spring trend of 2018.

The lady like polka dot look from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe of the 50s are coming
back with their luxuriousness and fancy pin-up girl styles.
From the most classy black and white to colors pink, red, yellow polka dots. 

I found some beautiful polka dot items and 
also some others that would go well with these in this season.

>> Personally, Rekay recommends the feminine dot pattern and 
casual denim mix match look.

1. BOTTEGA VENETA [here] : A simple scarf with tiny dots. It can be matched anywhere easily.
2. JOHANNA ORTIZ [here]: A petit bustier look. Layer it with a whiteshirt.
3.HVN [here]: Match this with a pair of red shoes and you have your perfect retro lady like look.
4. SARTORIALEYES [here] : Cat eye sunglasses of a vintage mood.
5. JOSEPH [here]: The combination of tiny dots and a feminine blouse is perfect.
6. RAYE [here]: Wear it with dots and you are chic.
7. MARY KATRANTZOU [here]: Feminine red dots on a mannish outpocket shirt. This is what we call fancy.
8. M.I.H Jeans[here]: The color is what completes this. Lavender pants will further highlight your polka dots!
10. SAMUELE FAILLI [here]: Wear it with some black and white dots.
11. RE/DONE ORIGINALS [here]: The perfect tone of washing and fit for black dots.
12. WAI WAI [here]: Take this on your next outing.
13. PRADA [here]:The perfect middle heel sling backs that emphasize classiness and luxuriousness.
14. ASCENO [here]: A cute pajama slip but perfect to wear on top of denim with an overfit jacket.
15. SAINT LAURENT [here]: Elegant heels that perfectly complement the fancy dots.