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April 2, 2018

Colorful Spring outfit | H&M knit top & pleated midi skirt | LPA GIA bag & RAYE mules

It is finally spring! Just as much as our hearts are fluttering in the new season, we find that we are mesmerized by new colors!
I will introduce to you the 2018 S/S season that I already encountered in my last trip to Sydney! The vivid spring color look of the color expert, H&M!

Is it because the color of year is violet? I see a lot of different shades of violet this spring, which is beautiful. The deep violet color of the H&M knit top has a great color that goes well with spring with its high chroma despite its dark tone. The vintage color is what completes this gorgeous knit. It is a shade of violet that catches your eyes from far away!

Aqua blue tone H&M pleats skirt.[here]
The voluminous pleats are beautifully shown through the silky material in addition to the bright and modern macaron blue color. I thought to myself, “What a beauty!” the moment I saw that skirt.

>Match this skirt with a white top for a more simple and clean spring look.
Personally, I think that matching this skirt with vivid tone colors highlight the skirt even more.
>>Wearing a short top is a great point for pleats skirt because they may make your legs look puffy.

The pleats skirt coordination is best when you wear a tight and short top for a look that makes you taller and slimmer. Items that drop to the crop line or to your waistline like a knit is best. Personally, I don’t think that shirts or t-shits go well with the feminine feeling because of the unnatural waistline.

If the skirt line is very maxi, you could try matching a longer top that comes to your butt for a long & lean style. But it may seem a bit heavy for spring. Skirt length that slightly shows your ankle line is much brighter for spring.

The half cylinder shaped bag is LPA’s Gia Bag.
I held it around as a tote for a feminine feeling. It is a neutral natural beige tone rattan bag that goes well with the vivid color outfit. It is stable yet comfortable. I definitely recommend this bag because it goes well with anything!

These Raye yellow sandals perfectly balances out the violet knit top and aqua blue skirt!
These are a pair of shoes that I got solely for my trip to Sydney through Revolve!

The trend color of this spring is yellow! These satin yellow sandals have a refreshing yet soft feeling to them. They have the ankle strap that are considered as the shoes trend nowadays. You can wear these as mule slippers without the strap. With the straps, you can wear them as dressy pumps with a dressy feel to them. These are definitely some smart shoes!

>Wear them as mules with denim jeans and add the strap on when wearing with a skirt. You may worry that adding a strap to your ankles might make your legs look thicker or shorter. But I can assure you that the yellow color is similar to our skin tone that it does not protrude. I hope you try these out!

What I was wearing:

H&M Purple knit top
H&M Pleated Skirt [here]
Raye Yellow Satin mules [here]
LPA GIA Bag [here]