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April 14, 2018

ZARA Yellow Blazer & Chanel slingback Spring outfit

Spring Spring Spring!! Spring is finally here!
The cold days are over and I finally feel the fresh and warm spring days. The color perfect for this kind of day, cute, bright, and energetic yellow! You should never miss out on this color.

Just like the title, ‘the color did it all’, the color yellow itself makes us feel the brightness and freshness of spring. Don't you want to try on new spring colors in the new season with a change in mood? Let us enjoy the season!

The middle ground between lemon and yellow. 

This is fresh.

The yellow item that Rekay chose is this jacket. We would often think that jackets need to be of a straight angle and formal but throw all that stuffiness away and check out this macaron yellow color. Isn’t this lovely? 

A very cute jacket look has been put together. It almost looks like the yellow of a little baby chick. I matched a white inner and white denim jeans to once again bring up the tone of the overall mood along with yellow. The point color is the jacket but the overall colors just go well together. A clean and neat mood like a spring day.

>> A white or cream toned tone on tone coordination is best for yellow. Matching colors that contrast with yellow like black and blue would make you look old so keep those colors for your accessories.

>>  I wore this Zara jacket nearly 2 sizes larger than my regular size. It is nearly XL size. The jacket itself is a basic formal jacket with a tight waistline but I styled it in a mannish and casual look with the larger size.

A bright white denim for spring! Neat white colored bottoms are the way to go for freshening up any look with any shirt. However, I do have to point out that it highlights your leg line compared to regular black jeans.

Rekay matched a white shirt on top. Unifying my outfit top and bottom with one color seems to help me look taller than I actually am. I lightly covered the butt line. Another way would be to wear a bag as a short cross or wearing color point accessories that can spread the vision to other parts of your outfit.

Don’t they go well with such casual white denim? These are a very comfortable everyday elegance that you can’t get from sneakers or high heels.

I matched a similar tone camel Margiela shoulder bag to support the yellow colored jacket. It has some weight to it but the similar warm tone along with yellow complements the look perfectly with a natural and comfortable feeling. The neatness of the leather is also perfect.

What I was wearing:

MOTHER White bootcut jeans [SIMILAR HERE]
CHANEL two-tone slingback [HERE]
RAYBAN sunglass [HERE]

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