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April 16, 2018

Festival outfit idea / Tularosa Fringe Cardigan & GRLFRND Jeans

Tis the season to prep for festivals! With the 2018 Coachella Music Festival last weekend, SNS is all about festivals right now. Although it is not Coachella across the globe, there are many festivals that can be enjoyed even in Korea. We should be preparing festival looks of our own!
First of all, what should we prepare for festival looks? First, we check out Revolve based in the hometown of Coachella with the hip girl items of Californian vibes. Of course the main theme is Revolve festival! [here] From romantic styles to ethnic, bohemian, and vintage casual, there are all the looks for a great festival.

Rekay got her fringe cardigan from her all time favorite brand Tularosa. It is a Bohemian style spring cardigan that would go perfectly with the free and romantic vibes of the music festival

 Tularosa Cardigan [here]

It is a knit cardigan woven with light cotton.
The front part of the cardigan is designed to be slightly shorter so it is a brighter and cuter cardigan for spring. The wide sleeves are also very trendy. And the highlight of this cardigan is definitely the fringe that completes this chic Bohemian cardigan.

There are two layers of fringe in the back that create a more stylish look. Since it is a soft light beige color, it is not too much and finishes with a luxurious and comfy mood. Get this cardigan and you’re ready to go to the festival!

Tularosa cardigan itself has a strong aura with the fringe details so I tried to match some simple and basic items. (At festivals, I think you could go a bit overboard with a floral dress or leather.)

I matched a black camisole that highlights the color of the beige cardigan along with a cool light washed pair of jeans to create this look.

Black and jeans are a personal favorite combination of mine and the addition of the neutral beige tone creates a more feminine and cozy look. Even though you are not going to a great festival, this is a look that would also be great for your everyday picnic, don’t you think?

Rekay’s daily item, GRLFRND Straight Jeans. [here]

The perfect, light blue washing color for the season and the straight fit just grasps my heart that I find myself reaching out for this ever so often. It goes well with pretty much anything as well so if you are going to get yourself a pair of spring jeans, I definitely recommend this model.

>>The slightly darker color in the same line is also pretty. I might get another one soon. [here]

The black camisole I wore inside is the basic of basics.

It is so practical. You can wear it as a top on its own but it is very practical to layer it inside jackets or see through tops. Also matching the trendy medal necklace here would be great. If you want a simple and luxurious sexy appeal, this is the way to go.

>The basic silk camisole is [here] / a more feminine camisole with lace details is [here]

What I was wearing:
Tularosa Fringe Cardigan [here]
TOPSHOP Cami [similar here]
GRLFRND Straight Jeans [here]
Sportsgirl Strap sandals [similar here]
CRAiE Shoulder bag [similar here]

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