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May 8, 2018

Sydney Hotel Review | Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Room Tour 2018 with tips

The start of any trip is the hotel!

Once I book my tickets, the next round is to choose a hotel. As a hotel reservation ad says, everyone prefers a different hotel and choosing a hotel to stay at a place that you have never been to is quite difficult.
Fortunately, Rekay lived in Sydney for four years and since it is not a big city like Seoul, reserving a hotel was relatively easier. The most important point that Rekay focused on the hotel at Sydney was the location. Time is money! I chose a location that was comfortable to travel around to save time and also a location that is safe for two women travelling.

I could not choose between CBD city area of Sydney and Darling Harbor till the last minute. I was moved by the sparkling Darling Harbor view but I could not take on the risk of going back and forth from Darling Harbor. I finally chose Sofitel WentWorth Hotel in the middle of the city!

>>I also looked for Airbnb but there are not many places to stay in the main area of Sydney. (There is a lot of people living in the main area and the rent is also quite expensive!) There were some pretty houses in farther areas but since it is difficult to move without renting a car and takes time, I didn’t look back. 

Sofitel WentWorth Sydney
61-101 Phillip St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia[here

Downtown Sydney is actually quite small so you could even take a view around the whole city on foot! This shows how easy it is to travel around the city with a good place to stay. The location is crucial for Rekay. 

I chose some hot places around Sydney that you can visit around SofitelWentWorth. Can you see the Sofitel hotel located in the center? Surrounded by many other contending five star hotels, this is the best worth at its price.

Ø  Transportation: The closest train station from the hotel is Wynyard Station. It is five minutes on foot. This is the main station where most of the train lines pass. Again five minutes on foot and you will reach Circular Quay. It is a train station but also a ferry terminal. You can do some tours around Sydney by taking a ferry to Milsons Point (Luna Park, Taronga Zoo, and Manly Beach.

Ø  Sydney CBD is spreads out with George street in the center. Syndey Sofitel is about two blocks away. Since George Street is very busy with tram construction, the outskirts of the city is quieter with better transportation.

Ø  Shopping at Sydney starts from the area around Town Hall and QVB with large department stores like Westfield and Myer along with small and large brand shops like Sephora and Apple.

Ø  Another healing point! Three minutes on foot, pass by the Sydney library to have a walk around the royal botanic garden, get a photo at Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, and walk to the state of the art Opera House then you’ve got yourself a half day tour of Sydney. If you have the time, walk further down to the Rocks to enjoy the old town of Sydney.

Sydney Sofitel WenthWorth Room Tour!

This is the Junior King Suite of Sofitel. The living room and bedroom is divided.
Just like a good five star hotel, it has a global standard interior of a classic and elegant mood. The warm tone furniture give a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Although I was travelling with one friend,  I was going to invite my friends at Sydney. So I decided to reserve a suite with a living room. If not, I would not have needed the living room other than to place my luggage.

The bed was a large king size and I loved the clean bedding. A drawback would be that the windows were too small. Sunshine is a must-have for any blogger.

Rekay’s personal favorite spot.
The little sofa that got all the sunlight. Every morning I enjoyed my coffee here while scrolling through my phone. Looking outside the window was great and the beautiful sunshine was perfect for an Instagram worthy photo. This is especially memorable. It’s cool that a window that small sheds much light. There is not much of a ‘city’ view since all I see is the building right in front.

Bathroom of Sydney Sofitel Wentworth Hotel.

It is a bit old but the marbling made it look luxurious. With the large sink and shower booth on the right, there was also a bath tub on the left although I didn’t get a photo. The size was large and clean. The amenities were Hermes. Whether or not I used them, they filled it up every day. I was wondering to myself for the first time if I should pack these hotel amenities…

My beaming Melt Pajamas.[here]

I started wearing these from my last trip to Jeju and I am still obsessed with these. Honestly, I would grab anything to war at home but when I go on a trip I pack ‘pajamas’. Since I am not staying alone, it is a part of basic manners to my roommate and also the whole point about being away from home and staying at a travel spot definitely calls for some beautiful pajamas.

Other than that, free Wi-Fi is provided in the rooms. Along with amenities, water and chocolate is provided every day. (My friend loved the chocolate.) There was no spa or pool but there was an outdoor garden terrace on the 5th floor. >> Since I was yearning for a pool, the next hotel I stayed at had a swimming pool.

Although I did not book for breakfast, I made a separate reservation just for one day. ( $25 per person, reservations can be made at the desk a day before) I will bring a separate post on the breakfast.

 Sofitel WentWorth Sydney
61-101 Phillip St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia[here

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