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April 25, 2018

Lovers+Friends Spring Dress with Gucci Cardigan

Last Wednesday, I stopped by the private party hosted by Net-a-Porter. I was invited as a fashion influencer so I was wondering what I should wear. I chose a beautiful wrap dress from Lovers + Friends with bright red dot patterns and a feminine and elegant design. It is perfect for your special day.
Wearing this instantly brightens everything and goes well with the season right now. From date looks, weddings, and parties, it is a dress that you must own for days you’re not sure what to wear. [here]

>> As Rekay shops on Revolve, Lovers + Friends is a brand that I never miss out on. There are especially many feminine and lovely dresses perfect for the weather nowadays.

Since it was a party hosted by Net-a-Porter, there were a ton of beautiful new spring items. I added on a pink jacket that goes well with the Lovers + Friends dress. The color combination of red+pink adds so much more brightness! Wearing this combination, it would be perfect for any wedding.

I changed my shoes to some red Prada shoes along with the color of the red dots and held a minimal THE VOLON box bag. The point color of black added to the look gives it an overall chic finish.

Since it was a neckline deeply cut as much as an off shoulder style, I slightly held the back of the neck with a clothes pink to adjust the deepness of the cut. If you were hesitant after seeing the style of the model, this is the way to go.
>> There is lining all throughout the dress. There is not much sheerness even though it is white.

The reason why this is a beautiful dress is because of the waist string that completes this wrap dress.
In most cases, the string is only to tie and hold the dress together but this string has been designed to be wider and longer allowing some stylish looks! With the wide string, you can tighten your waistline to make it look slimmer or just drop it down your skirt line by tying it only once for a fancy avant-garde silhouette.

Ø  The Fendi Bag I took together is [here]

This time I added a Gucci cardigan on top of my dress. It is much brighter and younger than the pink blazer before, don’t you think? The dot patterns slightly peek through and your feminine yet casual look is complete.

I thought it was a bit too early in the season for sandals, so I matched some socks boots. Since the boots are on bare skin, there are showcased much beautifully than when they are worn in winter. > Similar style black socks boots[here

Lastly, I will show you the highlight of this Lovers + Friends wrap dress, which are these puff sleeves!
It is not a long sleeve but a sleeve that only comes half way down your arm so that you can wear it from the current season to the hot blazing summer days. There are stitches in between that create an abundant volume. Because of the puff sleeves, it seems like your look is completed with a single dress. It has a high level of completion.

What I was wearing:

Lovers + Friends Wrap dress [here]
Pink Blazer [here]
PRADA Red Pumps [here]
GUCCI Stripe Cardigan [here]
FENDI Bag [here]
att.att.att Socks Booties [here] / similar black [here

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