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June 21, 2018

Tularosa Off shoulder dress | London Street Fashion | 2018 Summer outfit

tularosa dress [here] + jamiewander bag [here

We are finally kicking off Rekay’s London travel daily look posting!
For this trip, I prepared a lot of beautiful summer outfits and have been changing my clothes a few times every day to shoot some beautiful daily looks. I’m not sure if I’m on vacation or on work. I will introduce to you the style that I wore on my first day at London, the Tularosa dress.
This is the Tularosa dot pattern dress that I got on Revolve! Some of you may already notice but this was a product on my list of recommendations for the Revolve sale. Upon the mild mocha chocolate color and cute dot patterns, and the light over fit silhouette off shoulder dress is perfect for summer! It was the dress that I was looking for.

Tularosa hattie cold shoulder mini dress[here]

This is a light summer dress that would go along beautifully with slightly tanned skin. It is casual, lovely, and comfortable!

It has wide fit sleeves that drop below the shoulders and finishes with frill details. The ethnic tassel string details around the chest can be tied or simply draped down to open as a deep v-neck. It would be great to layer it a bikini top as well.
It is a very light material that drops effortlessly as an A-line. It is very cool and also hides your imperfections.

Jamie Wander Sicilia Tote/shoulder Bag [here]

Jamie Wander’s 2018 new bag! It is the Sicilia bag. From the airport to my travel every day, it has been my daily bag.
Jamie Wander is a brand that has combined the designer Jamie Lee and the word Wanderlust referring to traveler. This seems to be the reason why I reach out for this bag every time I go travelling.

The Jamie Wander bag that is also known as the model bag has great minimalistic and stylistic details that creates a beautiful model look without much effort. In this season, there has been a special collaboration with stylist Han-seok Chae, which create a very witty collection. With the modern and minimal Tokyo bag, Rekay’s vacation concept Sicilia bag is the highlight of the day!

The Sicilia bag, as it name says, is a design with travel vibes that makes you want to travel to an Italian island in the Mediterranean. It is a bag that is also referred to as ‘bucket’ bag and has been attracting a lot of attention by variety of celebrities and models from last Fashion week. The photos below are from Ordinary People Fashion Week runway with models holding the Sicilia bag. It is also great when it is held by men.

The Sicilia Bag was so soft and light that it was comfortable for the whole day.
The natural shape of the bucket bag was also stylish and the signature Gold metal bar decoration of Jamie Wander was a style point that also acted as a tote handle for a petit style.

The spacious bag was perfect for travelling. From my camera, sunglasses, passport, wallet, and other cosmetics all fit in to this bag. Since the bag was very light, I was able to take it around like any other canvas bag.

Raye’s Strap Sandals from Revolve!

Since the color of the dress was close to my skin tone, I also matched the look with black sandals along with my black Jamie Wander Sicilia bag. Since warm tone outfits could look bland, adding the color black to wrap everything up creates a more defined look. This product is currently out of stock however I suggest this[HERE] as a similar product! 

Aubaine Café on the 3rd floor of Selfridges Department Store, London

TULAROSA Off shoulder dress [here]
RAYE Sandals [SIMILAR here]
Jamie Wander Sicilia Bag [here]
Panama Hat [here]