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July 2, 2018

London Accommodation | Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill Marylebone Hotel

I’m finally back with my review of Rekay’s hotel at London, Hyatt Regency London - The ChurchillEven though I’ve been at London various times, they were all business trips that forced me to stay at a hotel that my company prepared for me. But for the first time, I was on a trip to London not a business trip. Thus, I was able to select the hotel that fit my preferences perfectly.
The number one reason for my successful 5 day stay at London and the hotel that had once again confirmed that Hyatt is not called the Hyatt for nothing- it is the Churchill Hyatt Regency London.

England’s 42nd Prime Minister and the man that is recognized as the greatest English man above Newton and Shakespeare- it is Winton Churchill. This is a hotel built in the memories of that great man. The English design of the hotel that contains the symbolic life and beliefs of Churchill was what gave more meaning to my trip to London.

The Location


The most important condition for Rekay’s hotels! It is location. This is also what I have emphasized in all hotel reviews. For the most efficient trip in a short amount of time, location is ever more crucial. Hotels closer to the center will save you time, transportation expenses, and physical strength.

Of course the Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill was located at the center of London, Marylebone. It was only three minutes away from Rekay’s favorite Oxford Street and Hyde Park. I can definitely say that it is the perfect location for all of you who love shopping at London. Walking down Oxford Street, you can shop all brands and department stores. In addition, you can go anywhere easily using the metro station Marble Arch. Five stars for the location!

>> Roti Chai is a modern Indian restaurant near the hotel. With the casual atmosphere, they serve great food and are even open till 22:30 PM on Mondays and Saturdays- perfect for a late dinner! [here]

2 Twin Beds with Garden View and Club Access

Churchill Hyatt Regency London
30 Portman Square, London, England (United Kingdom), W1H 7BH
[have a look here]

The Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill is a 5 star hotels with 440 rooms and suite rooms in total. The room that Rekay stayed in was the room with two twin beds with Garden view of the green Portman Square Park. [here]

The types of the rooms differ in bed and view. I have to say that the garden view is brighter and pleasant. Whenever you step in to your room, the view of the green window just freshens up your day.

The overall tone of the room was a beige tone that has an elegant and gentle atmosphere. Even though it is the hotel located at the center of the city, the large size removed the stuffiness and provided a very spacious, comfortable place. Sitting by the violet velvet sofa by the windowsill and looking out the window was enough to heal myself. 

Absolutely perfect, clean bedding and the fluffy, comfortable bed. I could not get up from the bed. In addition, the twin bed size that is not small. It was the place to rest my tired body and soul. It is the place I want to be right now.

Something you cannot get from an Airbnb would be the daily hotel bedding service! The cleanly set bedding is a privilege for staying at hotels. It feels as if you are at a new hotel everyday!

The bathroom has a separate shower booth.

The desk that Rekay used to check emails and edit photos. There is no need for multiplugs since all voltages and USB ports were available. Of course, there is also fast WiFi.

The frame on the desk is a picture designed with the famous words of Winston Churchill. The mug that I am holding is also Churchill. You can buy these at the Churchill Goods shop located on the first floor.

The first floor lobby of the Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill. As you would expect at any 5 star hotel, it has a more private and spacious atmosphere compared to other hotels.

Beside the elevator is the Michelin star restaurant, lounge, and Churchill Bar with a beautiful outdoor terrace. I will review the restaurant and bar in my following posts. Even if you do not stay at the Hyatt Regency, these are the hot places of London that I recommend for you to go.

Good Morning from London

Breakfast at the 8th floor Regency club lounge!
I was having breakfast at a beautiful spot looking down on the city of London. The lounge is divided into two areas. One for family, the other for business. Both places serve the same menu but in a different atmosphere. I have to say that the business lounge is more quiet and private.

Not only do they serve European breakfast buffet but in the afternoon, they served small desserts, finger foods, wine, and cocktails perfect for your afternoon snack. The service employees were very kind. Even if it is hard to wake up in the morning, a hearty breakfast livens up everything.

Churchill Hyatt Regency London
30 Portman Square, London, England (United Kingdom), W1H 7BH

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