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July 8, 2018

Tularosa Summer Jumpsuit Outift _ Monet Garden

Wearing #tularosa jumpsuit via @revolve[here]

Aren’t all of you looking for some great vacation outfits? Today’s daily look is a pretty and comfortable jumpsuit look perfect for your active summer vacation this year. It is feminine and romantic as if you are wearing a dress but it also has a cute and lovely vibe at the same time. Rekay did not forget to bring this on her last trip to London/Paris.
This Tularosa jumpsuit look was shot at the Monet’s Garden in Paris. It went beautifully with the fairy tale background of Monet. I awed at the photos as I went through my editing.

This is a very calm tone down blue colored jump suit that suits all skin tones. With the light and refreshing cotton and lace trimming details, the luxurious texture of the material is also the ultimate cherry on top.

When we think of jumpsuits, we would often think of an old and chic vibe but the Tularosa jumpsuit is more of a cute feel with the color and the subtle lace details.

It is a halter neck design where you wear it as a tube top and tie the strap around your neck. Other than the sexy vibe that you would get from a regular halter top, there is a more romantic vibe to it. Draping down the ribbons down your neck like in the photo is also a beautiful way to style this jumpsuit.

It is great for your everyday look but it definitely would shine more at vacation spots and when you wear this on top of your bathing suit at the beach for cover up.

These are some close up detail cuts of the jumpsuit. Isn’t the material and cotton lace a beauty? The breast and waist is made with a band that contributes to its comfort and perfect fit to body shapes.

I do have to note that the size small that I wore was a bit larger than what you would expect for a small size. The waist holds well but the breast line was a bit large so I had to pin it slightly. Since the pin was covered with the wrinkles of the band and the ribbon, it didn’t bother me too much. Also, the halter strap fixes the whole outfit so it doesn't slide down. I hope you keep this in mind when you are choosing your size.

These sunglasses are from Zara. I think this is a copy of the Le Specs design. I have the Le Specs Adam Selman black but I bought this at Zara France since they were cheap for my photo shoot.

Cat eye sunglasses definitely add more vacation vibes! Rather than what you would settle for on a daily basis, try something bold and fun!
>> Recommendations for Le Specs cat eye sunglasses on Revolve[here]

Another steady item on Rekaystyle’s daily look, Cueren’s Venice Sandals.[HERE]

On days when you don’t know what to wear, these sandals never fail you. The natural tan color of the leather is a beauty and the sole of the shoes has latex that support your feet all day long.

I strongly recommend this as a great pair of sandals for traveling. They go well with any outfit and very comfortable!

Monet’s Garden- looks like a picture frame

The pants fit of the Tularosa jumpsuit!
It is a wide fit crop pants that drop straight down! The end of the pant line has lace on it that gives it a romantic finish. The midi length gives a freshness to it and helps you look taller than you actually are. You can actually wear these with flats and still look tall. I was very excited by how comfortable this outfit was.

Even if the waist is set with a band, there is not too much fabric to prevent your hips from looking to large. It definitely creates a slim fit. Wrong waist bands may make you look puffy like a pumpkin.

The panama hat cannot be overlooked in this vacation look! Even though it may be a bummer to carry around, this accessory alone creates all the summer vibes you need on your trip. A white panama hat is not only perfect for the beach but also can be styled in your everyday outfits. It is also very versatile- you could go feminine, mannish, casual, and a variety of ways with this.

I would like to recommend you this beautiful Sensi Studio hat from Revolve as well.[here]


TULAROSA Jumpsuit [here

CUEREN Sandals [here]
ZARA Sunglass [ LE SPECS here
ZARA bag [SIMILAR here]