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February 24, 2015

OFF DUTY Easy City Casual Look with Striped Shirt

Off - Duty 

A weekend wardrobe of easy styling and uncomplicated silhouettes doesn’t have to stop on Holidays. 
The trend includes a mix of must-have patterns and colors allowing you to create the perfect look without even thinking about it! 
Keep it cool and casual by adding socks and sneakers to complete any look!

What I was wearing:

Valleygirl Stripe shirt  밸리걸 스트라이프 셔츠
ZARA black biker skirt  자라 블랙 바이커 스커트 
Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Red  레베카 밍코프 미니 맥 [바로가기]
TOPSHOP Silver Slipon  탑샵 실버 슬립온 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch Silver  마크 바이 마크제이콥스 에이미 와치 [바로가기]
Grey Ant Mirror Sunglass  그레이 앤드 미러 선글라스 

post by Rekay Woo
리케이 스타일

photo of me by Lily Yang

location: HONGKONG
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