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November 4, 2016

Snap Photography in Barcelona with BNOMAD/ ZARA dailylook

The most memorable part during my Barcelona trip, and the best thing I’ve probably done throughout the whole trip to Spain was the Spain trip snapshots.  Rekaystyle partnered up with B Nomad Studio situated in Spain to have a special snap photoshoot that would be a special memory in the special Barcelona trip.
With the mission of a fashion blogger, I was determined to take gorgeous pictures of Spain. Although I was very motivated, there was no one to take photos of me. My companion for the trip did not even know whether a DSLR is a camera. A total misfit for the job. (She did show her talents later on.) It was a difficult situation. However! Through my travel research of Barcelona, I found a precious Spain snapshot/B Nomad Studio saved me.

Snapshots are usually focused on honeymoon couples however it seems that travel snapshots can always be a special experience for friends, family, and any other person that you are with to save the beautiful memories of the trip. I stopped wrestling with my heavy camera and was soon able to take photos with an experienced photographer. By his guidance, I was able to take photos based on different concepts that I wanted to at amazing spots with the true Spanish vibe. Although it was awkward posing in front of an unfamiliar photographer at first, I soon came to care less about all that and became the true star of my beautiful photos with the city of Barcelona.

In later posts, I will come back with B Nomad snap number two and also with travel snaps that I took with my friend. Look forward to tourist Rekay and more natural travel snap photos!

Barcelona of late October had beautiful sunshine and the perfect fall weather. As you all may know by now, (damn) Air France was not able to find my bag, so it is a daily look coordination with the items that I bought at Spain. My mother jeans were worn three days in a row. The perfect equation for style, something you’ve been wearing+ Spain shopping at Zara. You know, Zara is the most accessible, even in Spain!

With an overall tone downed color styling with point color accessories to make it a bit fun. Zara check blouse with a retro mood on top of basic indigo jeans with a Zara gold skinny scarf to add feminine feelings as well as burgundy Zara ankle boots of velvet. Also, my contrasting color of Gucci VelvetMarmont Bag. (Somehow it became red, yellow, and blue tone) However, they were all trendy color accessories that decorated my basic styling to not be too boring.

 The most hot material of the year, Velvet!
Recently, I did make a post about the velvet trend. The special vintage shine and soft touch of the velvet material in addition to the deep retro color produces a modern yet romantic emotion. This season, I hope you challenge some vivid and brave colors rather than basic colors like black. It is not the velvet that you’ve seen in your mother’s closets but it is a more young and bouncy vibe of velvet.

 Another item that I got from my Spain trip, Dior sunglasses. At a eyewear shop I stopped by to buy contact lenses, I was able to get this at an unbelievable price with 30% off as well as tax free. It is a truly gorgeous pair of sunglasses with a double metal line that goes a bit up like cats eye shape. The lightweight and stable fitting is the perfect style. There was a pink mirror sunglass that was launched along with this however, I still think that this is much prettier.

The best part of shooting with B Nomad was that I was able to take photos at Barceonla’s hidden hot spots that I would never have been able to find on my own. I think I’ve seen the true benefits of the deep local feelings in the background.


ZARA Check Tunic [HERE]
Mother Bootscut Denim Jeans [HERE]
ZARA Velvet Ankle Boots [HERE]
Gucci Marmont Velvet Bag [HERE]
ZARA Gold skinny scarf
DIOR Sunglass

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It is a place I would love to recommend to people that are planning their Spain trip!
Right now, they are providing services in the major tourist cities of Spain including Barcelona, Sevilla, Majorca, and Granada. Based on each city, there are various themes prepared for you. You can choose the items based on your desired concept and photoshoot time. You can also make reservations on their official homepage( or through their Kakao Talk ID ‘BNOMAD’.

There are both Korean and Foreign photographers, I did my photoshoot with a Brazilian photographer, Diego(Check out his Instagram here! ) . Above all, I was very satisfied because I was able to get photos with a foreign mood that I was never able to achieve in Korea. I hope you all get your best pictures with B Nomad in Spain!

I will also share an event that is currently done by B Nomad.
>> 1+1 Discount: If you make reservations for more than two items, 10% discount. Ask about discount when you make a reservation and you have your snap reservation for your trip.
>> SNS posting discount: After B Nomad shoots, post on your SNS with hashtags #bnomad/#barcelonasnap then you will be given a partial funding. 

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You look effortless Rekay! And I love what you wore. You are such a natural with your poses and your photos are just ON POINT :D x

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