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December 11, 2016

How to wear the off-shoulder top in Winter?

As the cold weather has started, it is more and more difficult to choose what to wear. Especially since I am so busy with my work these days, I don’t have enough time to go shopping. It is the time to challenge myself and manipulate the items I have! 
Trying to mix this and that with a bit of color and lastly a bright point accessory. Today’s daily look on fashion blogger Rekaystyle is a winter layered look that will give you a break from dark and boring winter fashion.

 The most basic color of the winter season, black. It is a color with no special characteristics however it serves as a great base to highlight the other colors. Through a combination of black and white, I’ve showcased a clean and neat look. The addition of soft nude pink color completes a more minimal and modern winter color combination with a bit of warmth.

Especially, the contrast between black and nude pink let each other shine when they are together. For Rekay who likes modern and feminine styling, it is a lovely color match that can never be overlooked.

This can be said to be the main of Rekay’s winter layered look! I will introduce the layering of shoulder sweatshirt and white shirt. It is a off shoulder sweatshirt that was probably designed in the hopes of showing off the shoulder line. It is a Christopher Kane sweatshirt that I got through direct overseas purchase from Yoox. When I was buying it, I was determined that I was going to wear it even in the cold weather. However, trying to wear something exposing your skin in the cold weather…I decided to take a step back.

But still, I couldn’t leave this in my closet till next spring, so I tried layering this with white shirt. Along the cut out shoulder line of the sweatshirt, there are tropical color flower motives that add a strong fancy and funky feeling. Since this is put upon a white shirt, it looks more organized, neat, and minimal. There is also a dressy feeling that I did not expect from the shirt that peeks out underneath the sweat. I have succeeded in an unawkward winter layering look!

Vivid colors are often reached out for only in the spring/summer season. However, they are a great point in the winter season! When the colors become bland like in the winter season, a pop color like hot pink adds liveliness and dimension to your styling.

With a bling bling metallic color, vivid colors that may look a bit too much can be tried with small accessories that only add a point. Rekay chose Stella McCartney’s Becks mini bag in hot pink. I always do love mini bags but the addition of hot pink makes it even lovelier. It definitely took my heart in this cold winter season.

With the metal chain that can be said to be Stella McCartney’s trademark. You can wear it as a shoulder or cross bag. When matching with overfit outers, you can hold it as a tote using the chunky metal handle. In party looks, simply wrap the metal around the bag and style as a party clutch. Rekay bought it through Matchefashion Black Friday sale, I see that pink is out of stock and all is left is black[HERE]. You can get a similar looking peach color at a 30% discounted price at Far Fetch[HERE].

The retro looking boots cut pants are from an Australian brand, Keepsake. I got it through direct overseas purchase on BNKR site. Since the material itself is great and it is also a brand that gets great patterns. It is a brand that I often wear and since they were continuing their additional discounts even after the Black Friday sale, I got it at a very cheap price! The neat boots cut line is very pretty. With a soft span material, it stretches nicely and holds your leg line beautifully. It is still on 40% additional sale (promotion code YAY40), so I hope you go take a look.

The ruffle decorations that catch our eye is a blouson from Neil Barrett. Although it is a brand that is more famous for their men’s line, they also have a small but beautiful line for women. I got it earlier this year at New York. The material is a subtle sheen and a fancy nude color as well as a lovely ruffle detail creates a rare blouson that cannot be seen elsewhere. It is a queer design that shows both casualness and formality.


CHRISTOPHER KANE Off Shoulder Sweatshirt [HERE]
H&M White shirt
KEEPSAKE Black Bootcut Pants [HERE] 40% 추가 세일중!

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