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December 9, 2016

Where to stay in Madrid?

In my last trip to Spain, I visited Barcelona and Madrid the two cities that probably best represent Spain.  It is my hotel review that cannot be ignored during trips. I skipped my Barcelona hotel review (I will review it later on as a failure) and instead, here is my review of DEAR HOTEL that I was completely satisfied with. 
I also posted a video on Rekaystyle YouTube channel[HERE] so you will get a more vivid and real view than the photos. The posting is actually a bit late because I took quite a long time to edit my videos. Editing video works are so difficult no matter how I try. For people that have not yet subscribed, go on my YouTube channel and press the subscribe button for faster video update notifications!

 Madrid Hotel, Dear Hotel that easily got the heart of picky Rekay. Among the various hotels in Madrid, the first reason Rekay chose this is the perfect location of the hotel. 
It is a street away from España Spain Square and it is the best location in which the metro station España is right in front of the door. It is easy to move around any where in Madrid City and you wont be lost if you ride a taxi and find it at once. You can walk to Sol Square, 10 minutes to Madrid Palace by walk. Since it is in the city center, you can get tapas at any time you would like and there is also a Starbucks nearby. It is close to address all your needs. It was at the best possible location a hotel could ever be.

Secondly, the modern and fancy hotel interior. With a romantic terrace and eco-friendly and modern room interior that showcases the white ceiling. The sunlight shining through the large window and the beautiful scene of the city of Madrid beyond the window is still a scene that I cannot forget.(What a perfect spot for your daily instagramming! hahaha)  The day I took the photo, it rained from the morning. But I had a great time to recover myself and even made me wish I could just stay in the hotel to curl up all day long.

 As I stayed at Dear Hotel, the best part was the scenery outside the hotel windows. I took photos beyond the window terrace with the Spain Square as my background and drank coffee. These are the perks of a trip!

 Dear Hotel’s premium room situated on the 8th floor. You can get two twin beds or a king bed and there is also a terrace that wraps the room. Rekay always looks for corner rooms. It is more spacious and bright. With the terrace, you can enjoy an open view on both sides.

Overall, it is a clean and neat look and the beds and floors were also clean. The bathroom designed in black was clean as well but the lighting was too dark. Everything is better when bright.

 The last reason I selected Dear Hotel was the Nice to Meet You Restaurant & Lounge located on the 14th floor of the hotel. It is a restaurant and lounge! Here you can enjoy the whole city of Madrid in a panorama view. While watching this view, you can also enjoy your delicious breakfast. For breakfast, a buffet and prepared menus are provided along with fresh juice and fruits as well as sweet desserts. I was definitely energized for my trip.

WHAT I WAS WEARING in this video:
Black Skinny Jeans by MOTHER  [HERE]
Black Suede Rider Jacket by BLK DNM [HERE]
Bloafer by 3.1 Philliplim  [HERE]

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