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March 8, 2017


Designer accessory brand ANYA HINDMARCH created through London, England’s special humor and the soul of master craftsman opened at Shinsegae Department Store at Gangnam. 
Every season, their creative design and witty character special of Hindmarch and their high quality leather technique by Anya Hindmarch has created the most loved S/S new collection of year 2017.

The colorful colors and design that draws a smile on your face- it has broken the existing stereotypes of luxurious brand products. We often think that they should be composed and organized. The unique designs of Anya Hindmarch are often things that are not thought of in the past and it is a great understanding of current fashion trends.

Characters that may seem light and funny are placed upon exquisite leather products and are reborn as new art pieces. I am again surprised at how the small touches can be expressed in such a modern and creative way.


Rainbows, clouds, and even the sun. The silver cloud collection seems to be a scene popping out from a story book. After being revealed at the 2017 Cruise Collection, it is a line that is receiving a lot of love and interest.

Different materials of different textures are placed one by one by hand. The material is all cut through laser cutting upon suede floor. The mix match of material is also fun but the method of creation was through stickers and not the existing method of patchwork. The clean design without unneeded stitch lines and the decrease of weight, it is quite a smart design, right?



The bag strap was the signature that stood out the most among Anya Hindmarch’s collection. I thought of buying the bag because I wanted a bag strap! The rainbow circle strap that collaborates perfectly with the new VereBarrel tote bag this season adds liveliness to the classic Vere Barrel bag.

The circle strap is not stitched but cut out one by one and inserted by human hand. It signifies the Hand Crafted feature that is the brand philosophy that shows craftsmanship. Since it is not stitches, it maximizes the soft texture of the leather and creates a strap with dimensions. It is also a lot lighter!



When we speak of Anya Hindmarch, we cannot overlook the sticker shop! This season, there are a lot of cute and kitsch sticker designs prepared. Simply looking at them makes me want to get them all because they are too cute. Patch stickers that I want to put anywhere and everywhere! Are these really stickers? This season, there were a lot of #D glitter jewels and mink fur stickers that were developed a level higher from the existing 2D stickers.

You can create your own design or bag with the design stickers and alphabet. Stickers with witty comments would also be great as a present.

Hi Smiley

Rekay’s most loved character from Anya Hindmarch, Smiley! I don’t know what is so special about this but simply looking at this energizes me and makes me wonder why am I smiling? It is Rekay’s own smiley that I want to see every single day and take around with me like a lucky charm.

I wonder how Anya read my mind and designed a ton of new products with smileys. Making it with soft fur material is a real cheat! The smiley strap that completely mesmerized Rekay is on the wish list right away.

What character do you like best? Whatever it is, I hope it can be a character like a lucky charm in your hard and difficult daily lives.

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