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July 27, 2017

How to style the spliced trend | pattern mix dress

We can never miss out on stripes in our summer daily looks, right? The coolness and brightness from blue tone stripes and the comfort from the simple design is a must must when the weather brings us down so much.
I will introduce a very special striped dress today.

The designer brand, Nuvo 10 that is of practical luxury and modern vibes. The modern and sophisticated designs along with high quality is the strong point of this brand. There are a lot of products with unique designs that were created from the hands of outstanding designers.

The dress that Rekay chose this time is also introducing a very special design that was not seen anywhere else. A dress that has two different stripe patterns and silhouette mixed together. With the Margiela division style trend that is hot this season along with Nuvo10’s special minimal and feminine touches have created a truly beautiful stripe dress.

I thought it was a simple v-neck button dress but when looking into the details, it is simply exquisite. The contrasting colors and unbalanced edges with a string around the waist that creates the silhouette. It is not too much bot most trendy and comfortable stripe dress. Of course, the most beautiful part is the colors blue and white that cool down your eyes and soul.

When the weather is hot, clothes that stick to your body is simply too stuffy. The Nuvo10 stripe dress is of cotton material and abundant fit that makes the dress comfortable and cool. Although it is a sleeveless design, it covers your shoulders enough to cover up your chubby arms. Since it is a midi length dress, it is no trouble.

Although it is a easy casual design, it holds together your fit with a waist string. Match this dress with Nudy heels like Rekay and you can style it into a formal dress. Of course, flats go well very well for convenient styling.

Marc Jacobs Recruit Camera Bag that I got on the way to vacation at the Duty Free shop. It is a great best seller design. I always wanted it so I just got it this time.

It is a compact mini bag size that I usually like. The bag design is a rectangle just like the name, camera bag. It is a total cutie.
It only has space enough for a wallet, my iPhone, and my lipstick. But there are inner pockets along with zippers on both sides. Although it is practical, I find myself forgetting where I placed my things.

The Marc Camera Bag Recruit design is all out of stock. Newest designs of the same color is [HERE]

Necklaces are a must for v-necks! One short like a choker and add another that is a bit longer. I layered my necklaces. Although they are of different lengths, the mix of colors silver and gold create an exciting layering. Since it is a thin chain, it does not stand out too much but look at it closer, it sparkles. It is an accessory coordination that appeals to your feminine side.
>Love Lettering is Swarovski / Silver Key pendant necklace is from Tiffany

The combination of black face and white banding is a watch from Wanderlust. It is a witty watch of the New York collection line named Hell’s Kitchen. The simple and monochrome color is the point of this design. Nowadays, it seems that the weather is so hot that it is unbearable to wear watches. However, the white banding seems to have a bit of a cooling effect.


NUVO.10 Stripe Dress [HERE]

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