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August 5, 2017

Where to stay in Hongkong? | LANSON PLACE HOTEL Room Tour

It is finally revealed!

 Rekay’s four days in Hong Kong this year 2017. It is my hotel review that has been together with me throughout the trip at Hong Kong. As much as it has taken over a week to edit, I have prepared this with a lot of details.
I hope this is great information for people that are planning to go to Hong Kong.

It has been more than 10 times that Rekay has been to Hong Kong. For business trips, I have no options but for a vacation just for myself I totally chose a Rekaystyle hotel. My difficult appetite regarding location, design, and service got me Lanson Place as the hotel for this trip to Hong Kong.

Location of Lanson Place[BOOK HERE]

For short vacations, the location is most important no matter what. Especially when things are all focused in the city like Hong Kong, you have to go around from spot to spot swiftly. So if the hotel is far from the tourist spots with uncomfortable transportation, what can be more stressful than that? Just shop and drop off your bags then shower if you are sweaty. In order to save money, it is best to get a hotel in the city center.

The reason I chose Lanson Place was because of its prime location.
1.     It is located at Causeway Bay that can be called the mecca of Hong Kong shopping. It is written kindly that you can get here by leaving through Exit F from the Causeway Bay subway station (located in map A). Takes just five minutes on foot from the exit.

2.     Walk just one block from the hotel and there is the tram line. [Located in map B] Rekay got a golden ticket that provided unlimited access to the tram tour and tram rides by the hotel promotion. I enjoyed my full three days on the tram.

3.     Another chic Hong Kong shopping hot spot other than Tsim Tsa Tsui, Lee Garden. [Located in map C] It is 3 minutes from the hotel by foot! Lee Garden has luxury brands and fancy Hong Kong local brands along with modern cafes and restaurants. It is a place that you must go at Causeway Bay.

>> Recommended hotspots across the street from Lanson Place

Korean Restaurant Seoulga:1/F Hotel Pennington 15, 13 Pennington St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Shaved Ice dessert café with long lines: Shari Shari [HERE]
Another matcha desser café with long lines: Via Tokyo [HERE]

“Asia’s Most Excellent Small Luxury Hotel” by Asia Awards of Excellence 2017

Now, shall we check into the Lanson Place hotel? As soon as I arrived at the hotel, a kind doorman picked up my trunks and introduced me to the check-in desk on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Unlike ordinary hotels, the first floor is decorated as an indoor terrace. You can get your check-in more privately on the second floor.

It was selected as Trip Advisor’s 2017 small luxury hotel. You can meet great design and service that is no less than a luxury hotel. Personally, I loved the warm tone interior that was welcoming with its classic and elegant style. On the 2nd lounge, breakfast is served and on the other side, there is a small library with trendy books. At night, it changes into a lounge bar that serves cocktails and finger food!

Although there is no other café or restaurant run by the hotel, it is great because there are not many outsiders entering the hotel. It was pleasant because there were a lot of spaces where only people staying at the hotel could use privately.

Deluxe Room | 15F

Finally check-in! I was able to get a corner room on a high floor through my special request as I booked the hotel! 

As I had expected, I was very statisfied with the design of the room. The room with a shade of pink that was of French chic emotions had a great open city view. I almost wished it was my home. Sunshine which is the must have condition for beautiful photos filled the room. (It is easily blocked by the automatic blinds) In addition, the spacious room that could fit in two large size trunks along with a cozy separate bed room! Definitely a pleasure.
  you can see a more real view of the whole place with my Hong Kong room tour and travel vlog.
Ø  Check out the smartphone with unlimited wifi provided by the hotel and the additional heater that will protect me from the air conditioning!

Another reason why Lanson Place is so special is because of the mini kitchen installed in every room! It is also a part that I was excited to introduce in my video. Alhtough it is a hotel, you can cook simple meals like a service apartment. Refrigerator with a freezer, microwave, stove, pots, and plates. (You don’t have to clean up after yourself!)

It is definitely something I would like to recommend to people travelling with children, for a long time, or with particular tastes. Of course, it was best that I could just easily take out my instant noodles from Korea.

Other than that, there was a very special room service that provided delivery from nearby restaurants to complement the fact that the hotel did not have its own restaurant. It is a very great idea considering the various menu and cheaper price than hotel food.

As Lanson Place hotel is a boutique hotel, there are a variety of room types with differnet designs other than the Deluxe room that Rekay stayed at. It seems that the bright interior with an elegant mood, spacious rooms, and kitchens are all the same for every room.

The deluxe room type with a separate living room and bed room was the type that Rekay styled in. There is also a Grand Deluxe type that I am showing you now. The TV in the middle can turn around. From the bed room to the living room, you can turn the TV around as you’d like. It is the most beautiful room in the entire Lanson hotel.

I will introduce facilities that are provided by Lanson Place hotel. Other than the breakfast/café/library on the 2nd lounge floor, there are business rooms and conference rooms where you can use PC. There is also a self-laundry room and fresh fitness center where you can overlook the city view of Hong Kong.