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August 13, 2017

Minimal yet Feminine travel look _ ZARA puff-sleeve top with N21 bow bag

It seems that the never-ending hot weather is losing some heat. With the fresh sprinkle of rain, it seems that the stuffy city is being healed. As the cold approaches, I guess I would be complaining about the weather being too cold. Before this summer goes, I am going to quickly finish my summer vacation posting.
I brought a daily look posting with the Zara puff sleeve blouse that I revealed on my Zara shopping haul video from Hong Kong.

>> People that haven’t seen the video yet go [click] on that link and meet the live Rekay!

Check out my new ZARA HAUL: [HERE]

A vacation is definitely different! It is not the same sunshine. The vivid colors in the urban area of Hong Kong is portrayed so beautifully in the photo. There are many people that ask about what camera I use. My recent photos are all by Canon G7X Mark 2. I am able to produce high quality photos from such a small camera. Snap! It is such an easy task. I originally bought it for my videos but the photo quality is outstanding. I am no longer lugging around my DSLR.

This day, I went to Lee Garden right behind Lanson Hotel Hong Kong. I thought luxury shopping was just for Tsim Tsa Tsui but Causeway Bay also has the hottest brands nowadays. There was a very luxurious shopping street. If you are planning to go to Hong Kong, you better stop by!

Since I had to walk around all day long, comfortable flats are the key. Since I was going to a luxurious shopping district, I felt like a touristy look was not the ‘trendy’ look. So I went by a minimal city look.

The deep blue colored top is a product of Zara. The puff sleeves with cute pearl decorations complete the simple and feminine design. The trendy details are just enough to make it look like a very new product. (Even though it was a product on sale!) The sleeves are of think cotton material so it would be great to wear from now through the fall.

So that the long sleeves do not look too stuffy, I matched white shorts. As a basic staple item, it is a must have item in your closet since it goes well with pretty much any top. The high waist design creates a minimal and formal look.

N21’s ribbon tie mini bag. Since it is very small, I thought that it might be uncomfortable when travelling but if you are not going to be shopping your heart out. A mini bag that contains your most important items keeps your body light and comfortable. Anyways, I find myself holding a shopping bag every now and then.

What I do not recommend when travelling are backpacks. I actually got pickpocketed when wearing a backpack. In addition, clutches are also terrible. They are a total burden. In addition, tote bags that do not free your hands. There are waist sacks, but they are difficult to style. A strap to wear as a cross is crucial. Zippers and difficult locks are also important.

 What I was wearing:

ZARA Puff sleeve top
N21 Bow Bag [HERE]
3.1 Phillplim Laceup sandal [ALSO LIKE THIS]

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