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August 29, 2017

Off the Shoulder Dress with Raye Sandals in PUSAN

Although it was a tiring summer with annoying heat, I am sad to let it go. I am sad to let go of summer dresses that I could wear, thanks to the hot season. It is time to kiss good bye the light and beautiful summer gowns.

On my short trip to Busan, I took my Nuvo. 10 off shoulder dress. The emerald color of this romantic off shoulder dress that looks like the deep blue Busan ocean was my last mate to accompany me in the last days of summer of year 2017. I am sharing this post for any of my readers that may be planning a late, last minute summer vacation.

The designer brand that is loved for its dimensional and modern designs in daily life, Nuvo 10’s off shoulder dress.[HERE]

Although it seems like a basic off shoulder dress, the asymmetric frill designs that wrap the shoulder lines in a lovely style along with the skirt line that drops longer on one side with the contrasting shoulder strings and buckle decorations with the silky material. It is a very sensual, luxurious designer off shoulder dress that has intricate details.

Although it is intended as a short sleeve dress, Rekay styled it only with the shoulder straps without sleeves for a much cool and active look. The abundant A line silhouette with the waist string makes you look slimmer and feminine.

The minimal green tone is the cherry on top to give a chic finish to the feminine details. Other than basic colors like white or pink, it seems way more modern and edgy.

I coordinated some neutral colored accessories that can balance the vivid green color. Nudy colors look the best when they are matched with primary colors. Or when you need to add a point color for a all black or all white look, beige or nude pink colors look best for shoes, bags, and even nail colors.

My casual mix match is with Marc Jacob’s nude pinkcamera bag and vintage apricot tinted sunglasses from Gentle Monster.

Raye’s stripe pattern sandals that is styled by tying up to the ankles. Black and white stripes are another point to add with vivid colors. They go along very well together. It seems that there are marine look vibes added with the mix of colors with the green.

By tying a ribbon on top of the ankles, you can add a feminine and stylish vibe. It also goes well with boots cut denim that come to the ankles. (Note that this product is about a size larger than your regular sized shoes!)

What I was wearing:

NUVO.10 Off the Shoulder dress [HERE]
GENTLE MONSTER Tinting Sunglass [HERE]
RAYE Strap Sandals [HERE] @ REVOLVE