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December 30, 2017

Bright Winter Outfit: Andotherstories Yellow Knit Top & Corduroy Pants

I see our shoulders shivering in the cold weather nowadays. But I brought a sweet candy color knit daily look that brightens not only your face but also your mood! Along with the basic black color, I added on a cute chick yellow knit with white boots. Vivid color points catch out eyes more in the winter with its warmth and popping brightness!


Yellow Knit Top | &otherstories [here] & [here]
&otherstories Corduroy Pants [here]

I recently stopped by the &otherstories shop and picked up this sparkly, bright vitamin C yellow knit top! I’ve never tried out this bright of an yellow color but I think that my bold choice was perfect! Even though I just wore a basic knit with nothing special, the bright color created a very special look. Amazingly, wearing this itself just brightens up my mood and make me fell energized.

It is a soft and warm knit sweater which has a soft touch as it wraps the body warmly.
It is a half turtleneck with a slightly short crop design. But it is not too short that you can’t tuck it into your high waist pants. The long wrist rib design and the drop shoulder fit creates a comfortable yet slim fit. There is a similar basic knit top right [here] so you should compare them two.

Corduroy pants that were matched together! It is also from &otherstories and first of all, the warm corduroy material with the slim highwaist wide fit is why I got this. You can wear it casually on a daily basis and also enjoy the retro feeling from the corduroy material. With a vintage belt, I added a more classic and elegant feeling.

Raye White Booties [here]

Following the last Hermes party posting, I am introducing you to Raye’s white bootie again. I put together a dressy party look along with long boots cut pants but this time I put together a more causal and lighter look with wide crop pants that places more emphasis on my boots.

I thought that the white color may be difficult to try but it goes well on everything and also brightens up the overall mood. It is perfect as a point. With the sharp toe line and edgy high heel line is just totally Rekaystyle!

I adjusted the color in the photo to look a bit lighter but it is actually a more clean white leather with a touch of cream.

Ringpocket Earring [here] + 20% discountcode: rekaystyle

The must have accessory nowadays, earrings!
Along with the cute and bright outfit today, I chose a star motif black earrings. The shimmery and sparkly jewel setting is of three stars. Since it is a design you cannot easily find, I love it more.

Along with my beret, the edgy black star shape goes perfectly. When wearing accessories like hats that are bulging, other accessories should not be too fancy or showy.

What I was wearing:

&otherstories Yellow Knit Top [here] & [here]
&otherstories Corduroy Widepants [here]
Raye White Booties [here]
N21 Bow Mini Bag [here]
Ringpocket Star Earrings [here
 ASOS Beret [here]