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January 6, 2018

Teddy Bear Faux Fur Jacket & IRO stripe knit

The first week of 2018! How’s it going everyone?
Since Rekay has been busy with work lately without any leisure time, it seems to have become the new year without being able to enjoy the holiday season. To blow my sorrows away, I stopped by IFC mall at Yeoido. The sparkly tree in the entrance was such a beauty that I gazed at it for a few moments. I felt high hopes for a happy and productive new year!

 To all my readers, I hope I can send you some positive vibes! Let us have a very happy, fun, and healthy new year! Let’s go!

Comfortable and casual winter daily look!

The teddy bear color fake fur jacket is from LPA. I am wearing it very often ever since I bought it last month. This product is actually a best item that is being loved all around the world. It has been seen a lot on the Instagram feed of foreign celebrities.

As the weather has become colder, it is showing its beauty. Despite the fact that it is fake fur, the abundance and soft touch is light and warm! It is also more casual and trendy compared to real fur.


My love for stripes continues in the winter!
I selected a classic, IRO’s stripe pattern knit of French vibes. It is a signature stripe design that seems to live through all trends. I wanted an IRO knit so much and this was definitely a present for myself.

It is a kinda loose knit with medium string. I liked the fact that it is not too hard. Just like a premium knit, the soft touch is lightless. The warm warp around the body is a great point. The slim line is very practical as a winter inner wear. It is also great to style by tucking into your jeans or skirt like a t-shirt. The casual and luxurious IRO knit, this is definitely one of my best choices.

Luxury cell phone cases, RICHMOND & FINCH.
You would remember this brand for its luxurious design and safe, strong quality that wraps your phone. This premium cell phone case brand is probably remembered for its metal bar design at the bottom. Since it is really popular, there are also a lot of imitation products.

The premium cell phone case brand with a luxurious design and safe, strong quality. They have recently launched a Freedom collection that protects your phone from all 360 degrees. Now with the double sided case, you will never worry about dropping your phone. What a relief!

The pink marble case that Rekay selected is also a product of the freedom collection. Along with the famous white[here] and black marble[here], there is a new addition. The pink marble color! Since it is winter, the marble pattern looked a bit too cold but with the addition of the sweet pink color. It is such a pretty touch. It also matches well with the rose pink metal.[here]

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