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January 8, 2018

2018 Seoul Hotplace Dr.Jart INTO THE MIST event in Garosugil

Last weekend, I stopped by Garosugil for a special beauty event at the Dr. Jart filter space in Garosugil. Don’t you feel the dreamy and mysteriousness from the entrance?
INTO THE MIST: It is the newest Dr Jart art collaboration. It is a project that has been created through the collaboration of Design Studio and Second Hotel. They have put together a special place visualizing moisture into MIST fog, which is the main point of skin care and also the symbol of Dr Jart. It would be a great hot place to stop by around Garosugil to heal your tired skin and heart in the cold winter months.

INTO THE MIST @Dr.Jart+ Seoul
46, Dosan-daero 11-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of KoreaOPEN 11:00AM ~ 09:30PM until 28th of Feb.

The first floor of the Dr Jart filter space is the mist therapy area.
It looks kind of like a laboratory and the mist around the area makes it look very mysterious. The fog filling the floor makes me feel like I’m walking on clouds.

Check your skin type for your mist therapy!
Insert your skin care problems and your current skin condition, and there’s your prescription. With recommendations for the perfect Dr Jart product for your skin, you are also given a cup of warm tea to heal yourself. Rekay personally has redness and dry skin. I was prescribed the calming Cicapair line along with rose tea. I got a rose tea tea bag as if I got it from a pharmacy.

Aroma mist box designed for different skin types!
Place your face inside the box with the aroma mist box and fill yourself up with moisture! Enjoy the great scent and let your dry skin moisturize with the mist.

In the 2nd floor, there is a store where you can try out all product lines of Dr. Jart. I first tested the Cicapair that I was prescribed on the first floor. They say it is the newest calming line. But I should test it out for a few days before I know its effective, right? I thought that they should also give out small samples along with the prescriptions.

Finally the tea lounge on the 3rd floor!
When you bring your prescribed tea bag from the first floor, you can enjoy your tea here. The minimal and simple lounge area is no less better than a café. Also great to leave some photos. Stop by as a resting spot after your endless shopping at Garosugil!

It is definitely a great place to stop by if you’re in Seoul to enjoy the surrounding area and also to let your skin and body rest with the prescription and tea.