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February 27, 2017

How to style Trench Coats? Casual or Classic?

 It seems like the long winter has ended and the warm spring days are coming! In such warm and fresh spring days, I look for my trench coat no matter what. If you get a good trench coat in your closet, fear nothing my friend!
February 24, 2017

Street Casual_ Opening Ceremony Hoodie & Chloe Bag

A word that has become popular recently is the word creator. I wondered if it was a word that represented Youtubers that are part of MCN but now it seems that it is a word for anyone that makes creations.
February 20, 2017

Spring Vibes at 2017 ZARA S/S Collection Preview in Seoul

In early February, I visited Zara’s 2017 S/S collection preview at the Zara showroom in Sinsadong,Seoul. Although the weather in the morning and night is still winter, the sunshine during the day is enough to make us feel spring.
February 10, 2017

Royal Palace of Madrid & Stylish Travel Outfit

Oh the gloomy weather after moving from Barcelona to Madrid. The complicated and empty looks of the city contrasted with Barcelona and was quite a shame. I thought that the best part of the trip to Spain would be Madrid however I was disappointed when I arrived at Sol Square. Sol Square was filled with riots, tourists, pickpockets, and hippies. It was chaos on earth.

However, there was a place that blew all my disappointments away. It was the most famous tourist spot in Madrid, The Palacio Real.
February 8, 2017

Wishing for a lovely sweet Valentine! [Valentine Gift Idea for HIM]

February 14th.  Better than a holiday, Valentine’s Day!!! Although asking someone out is still a challenge despite my age, it is something that makes people gain a bit of bravery even though it may hurt. Even though it may seem a bit outdated, saying our hearts to someone we love on Valentine Day is still classic and romantic!! 
February 6, 2017

17 S/S Massimo Dutti RTW Preview in Seoul

Did you all have a happy and pleasant Lunar’s New Year vacation? I was a bit concerned that I haven’t exchanged proper new year greetings for 2017 but since I am preparing a huge present event for 2000 people, I will share my greetings for thanks, friendships, and delight!
February 3, 2017

Great Hobby Idea: Leather Craft Work

One of Rekaystyle’s 2017 New Year resolutions was to challenge myself to try something new! The first meaningful challenge started with working with leather.